Announcing: Exclusive Interviews!

Onward and Upward registration will be open only through October 3!

As I’m finalizing the details, I wanted to give you all some more information about what you can expect throughout the 6-week online workshop.

I am so (so so) excited to announce today the EXCLUSIVE interviews I have lined up to share with you!

This workshop session will be featuring SIX fantastic exclusive interviews with some of my favorite people!

Each of these interviews will discuss the ladies’ journey, struggles, inspiration and more.

Onward and Upward is an online workshop focusing on discovering what our purpose is and how to bring more of that into our lives. Read here for more information.

Reminder: registering can enter you in a giveaway for copies of some of the books I read in preparation for this workshop

read Bios of Onward and Upward contributors below:

Elise of

I really don’t know how anyone could NOT admire Elise.

Not only does she do really great work – designing, teaching, creating/selling minibooks, among other things – but she always is working so hard and is so open with what she is working on.

From her site:

My name is Elise Joy Blaha Cripe. I think the internet is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Right after peanut butter on apple slices & happy hour.

The most important thing I have done to date was get married to my favorite person, Paul. Planing the wedding was almost as awesome as the celebration itself. You can read about our total DIY event here. We currently live in San Diego, California.

I am a big believer in the go for it. Set a goal. Write it down. Make it work.

I am beginning to realize a big goal of mine: to make what I love my job. This website is where I share my projects, collaborations and items that I make. Please visit my blog for the day-to-day updates.

Moorea of

Don’t tell her, but Moorea is one of my girl-crushes.

I love seeing her blog posts show up in my Google Reader, and I love having a reason to purchase some of her jewelry.

Over the last year+ since I “met” her online, she has always been so sweet, generous and genuine. And then she recently ran this blog series on self-love, and I couldn’t help but respect her even more.

From her site:

I love to keep busy while leaving room for a little bit of daydreaming and gallivanting through the woods.

Where I Live: I live in Seattle, Wa but grew up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California. And I spent my earliest childhood in England, playing hide and seek with imaginary friends in the wheat fields surrounding my home. My reverence for nature, whimsy, and touches of magic show up in everything that I make. 🙂

What I do: I am a designer and illustrator for Freckled Nest, I have my own jewelry business and Etsy shop, I do freelance illustration, and I make music.

Alli from One Pearl Button:

I fell in love with One Pearl Button because of the projects …. and then I just got hooked on it when I learned Alli is an archaeologist!

Coolest job, ever!

The fact that Alli has really pursued a career that she loves – a career that sounds like it will ALWAYS be interesting and ALWAYS offer her challenges – is so inspiring.

(also, Alli is adorable and sweet – so grateful to have found/met her online)

From her site:

I’m an archaeologist, crafter, and photographer in my late 20s who thrives on creativity. Some of my favorite things include Polaroid cameras; sharpies; thrifting; and locking myself in my studio, turning on some great music (often Camera Obscura, The Flaming Lips, The Shins, or Belle & Sebastian), and creating for hours. My favorite craft projects are simple, stylish, and make a big impact!

Although I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to have my dream job, I firmly believe that everyone needs a hobby! OPB is mine. I primarily blog about crafting (especially sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet) and photography, although posts about fashion, design, and life in general pop up, too! My goals for this space are to share what I’ve created, to inspire readers to live their own creative lives, and to make connections with creative friends.

Kara from I just might explode:

Kara is a 19 year old photographer, business owner, and blogger.

I am always impressed by the work she puts out, from the film scans of a recent trip, to her newest scrapbooking class. Reading Kara’s blog reminds me to be creative just for the sake of creativity, and not necessarily to make it into an income stream.

From her site:

I was homeschooled up until highschool and one time I cried because my sister sat on my freshly ironed sheets. One day I found myself in Brooklyn, New York for art school, you can read about some of those adventures here. I then changed my mind and decided to take off a semester of school and move to Portland, Oregon with my best friend. I’m a firm believer that evolving and changing your mind and following your dreams is the best way to live. We’ll be moving in January of 2012 and I tend to spend most of my time daydreaming of how I’ll organize our kitchen cabinets.

I am the designer behind decalLOVE, a whimsical Etsy shop full of home decor decals. I also create online scrapbooking and art journaling classes and am a creative team member for Kitschy Digitals. I’m a photographer, available for hire, in the Boise, Idaho area. You can see my portfolio on my website and follow my work on Facebook!

Angela from Grab your Grapes!:

Angela is one of my best friends from high school, and pretty much the most interesting person I know in real life! Most of my best stories-to-tell-at-parties are because of her. Most of my happiest and most fun memories in high school (and beyond) are because of her. I have an amazing Italian destination wedding in my portfolio because of her.

Angela has worked in the widest variety of jobs I have ever encountered in one person’s history and is currently putting all her final ducks in a row so she and her husband can move to Italy.

Yes, that’s right. She’s moving to Italy. …. I’m both devastated (for myself) and insanely happy (for her)

from her site … she writes about:

[the] road to becoming an Italian citizen.

It is also about our impeding move to Italy (yes, its meant to be permanent), the hours of research I’ve done, the interesting things I’ve found, the terror I feel uprooting myself and my kitty, and the nearly-wet-myself excitement I have when I daydream about my (almost) life there.

It’s a strange journey (and did I mention long?) that I want to share from its humble and wishful beginnings, with anyone who is worried and needs some reassurance from our little family (I <3 you Momma)…


Anna Goetz:

I’ve known Anna most of my life. We grew up in the same small local church – same age, same friends. We have quite a story together.

Someday I’ll post our “photo shoots” … hahaha! We were such nerds …. 🙂

She doesn’t really have an online presence (beyond email and Facebook), because her GREAT WORK is fully offline.

Anna has been a (more than) full time wife and mother for more than 10 years now. She is fully invested in creating the best life, the most nurturing environment for her husband and (almost) 5 children.

She’s incredible. And I am always so impressed by her.


Please let me know if you have any questions … or ….

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