Workshop returning in 2013

 I am so pleased to announce that my 3rd annual online workshop Onward and Upward will begin again October 7, 2013!! Discounted pre-registration opens in a couple weeks to L&R subscribers.

Onward and Upward is a 9-week online workshop that will help you get out of your rut and take things to the next level.

Check out the updated syllabus and schedule here


September 9: pre-registration info and discount goes out ONLY to L&R newsletter subscribers

September 23: regular registration will open

October 7: Workshop begins

What is this workshop about?

Once, not long ago, someone close to me made a crack about my ‘day job.’

Now, I’m definitely a sarcastic person and 99 times out of 100 I can totally take whatever I dish out. But this time was different. This time it hurt. Not just because it was true.

This little jab from someone close to me hurt because it was something I had been thinking myself and was kind of ashamed of.

She was joking about how what I do for work doesn’t make a difference to anyone.

Which is exactly what I was thinking when I started working on this class material.

We all have work we were put on this earth to do – it’s time to really discover what that is.

And act on it.

This year’s workshop will be extra special since I have been able to quit my day job since the previous one. I will be revising all the course content from this new point of view.

Through this workshop we will work together and work through:

  • recognizing the details of your life that make you most happy
  • discovering what your GREAT WORK is
  • working through any fear or hesitation in giving ourselves permission to do that GREAT WORK
  • encouraging each other how to best seek and do that GREAT WORK
  • gathering the action steps to make it happen
  • … and more!

The workshop begins bright and early Monday, October 7, but the private blog will be open immediately upon registration.

Onward and Upward 2013 will include, in addition to the scheduled workshop material:

  • weekly reads – extra links and resources to supplement the class
  • audio recordings of each session to add to your iPod
  • private Facebook group to connect with other attendees
  • sidebar column of blog buttons for each attendee’s site

This is really going to be a community where you can be open, be honest, and maybe even be vulnerable.

That said, please do NOT enroll if:

  • you have never made any mistakes
  • you always are right
  • you look down on others

You can check out a breakdown of the workshop – or some FAQs here

And be sure you’re signed up for the L&R newsletter for pre-registration info and discounts!

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